Cincoze has unveiled the new DA-1000 Series Fanless Embedded Computer today, DA-1000 series is an ultra-compact volume fanless embedded computer basing on Intel Atom E3826 platform; it has 1.46GHz and integrated HD graphics processor. This can bring economic advantages on budget and also fulfill the needs for industrial computing tasks.

The Cincoze DA-1000 manages to pack a diverse array of I/O into its small form factor. It features sufficient I/O interfaces to make use of the advance of computing power, such as one DVI-I port, two RS-232/422/485 COM ports, dual Gb LAN ports, four USB ports and one set of Mic-in and Line-out.

As well as the feature rich I/O interface of the DA-1000, Cincoze has also released a range of  CMI (Cincoze Multiple IO) interface modules designed for flexible I/O expandability. This will allow you to extend various I/O according to your requirements. CMI modules are including COMs, DIO, DisplayPort, DVI, LPT/PS2 or VGA. Cincoze provides derivative 6 models with different I/O configuration so you can always find a perfect DA-1000 for your application.

Compact & Diverse

• Supports diverse mounting kits for space limited application

• CMI interface offers the possibilities to extend I/O in a small footprint construction

Economic & Efficient

• Ultra-compact volume but without compromise for the mass storage

• Save budget and pay-for-need

Wide Operating Temperature

• Wide temperature range for operating for harsh environment

• Support wireless communication and third party add on cards

• Jumper-less design brings the benefit of high tolerance for shock and vibration

If you are interested in the Cincoze DA-1000 and would like to know more information then please contact our sales team on 01527 512 400 or email your enquiry to