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Custom LCD Display Solutions

Steatite can design & build custom open frame LCD display solutions to meet a wide range of industrial applications, whether you require a certain size or layer of protection we have the resource and expertise to help.


Below are a few of the options we can offer:


Cover Glass & Coating Options

Some applications may require an extra layer of protection to prevent damage to the display. We offer a range of GOT (Glass on Top) options that can be integrated in to your design and tailored to your applications environmental requirements.

As well as being able to provide a robust layer of protection, Steatite can also incorporate anti-glare /reflect GOT (Glass on Top) to help with applications that may be affected by harsh lighting conditions.

Steatite not only offers GOT, but we can also customize your display further by applying a custom coating to your display. Our antibacterial coating is perfect for Medical applications to help prevent the spread of infection.

Custom LVDS Cable Design & SBC Integration

Here at Steatite our engineering team can assist in the design & development of custom LVDS cabling for integration with our wide range of Industrial motherboards. As not every motherboard & display supports the same pin layout or configuration we have the expertise and resource available to provide you with a complete all in one solution.

Optional Touch Capabilities

Traditionally a display solution would be installed to output information, it has now become increasingly more popular to incorporate a touch display solution which allows for information to be displayed while allowing data to be input via the end user.

This touch capability can now be integrated into your design with the option of either resistive or projective capacitive touch technology.

Resistive touch is designed for single touch applications which would make it ideal for harsh industrial environments where gloves will be worn.

Projective Capacitive Touch offers multi touch capability, making it ideal for customer facing applications such as kiosks or payment terminals.

Custom Bonding & Integration

Another feature that is important to consider is the type of bonding that can be applied to your display. Steatite offer multiple bonding solutions all of which will appeal to their target markets.

Optical Bonding

Offers an adhesive bond between the cover glass and LCD display, this type of bonding is ideal for environments where direct lighting can be an issue, providing you with better picture clarity and greater viewing angles.

Air Gap Bonding (AGB)

Air gap bonding is another widely used method for bonding and is one of the cheapest. Instead of applying a layer of adhesive between the cover glass & LCD display, this bonding is applied to the outer edges of the display leaving a gap in the middle. This is more prone to breaking & condensation if moisture is applied but is ideal if price is a key factor.

Custom Branding

In addition to the feature above, Steatite also offer custom branding for your display solution. Whether you want to brand the display with your company logo or wish to label them as your own product range, Steatite can help.

As well as being able to provide custom display solutions, Steatite can also help you design, manufacture and test a wide range of industrial computing solutions, customized for your desired application. As one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of industrial computing products in the UK and have been in this line of business for over 30 years. We have UK-based engineering, manufacturing, logistics and support and are preferred suppliers into a number of blue chip companies in the UK and overseas.

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