Key Features

• Centimeter Level Positioning
• Multiple IMU Configurations
• Dual GPS Configurations
• High Navigation Output (125 Hz)
• MIL-STD 810G Shock & Vibration
• -40°C to 65°C Operating Temp


Quick Overview

Geo-hNAV is a ruggedized, fully-integrated hybrid dual-GPS-aided inertial navigation system which delivers consistent position and attitude measurement accuracy whether the platform is static or moving.


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• Provides consistent level of measurement accuracy in static and in dynamic conditions
• Multiple IMU configurations available with internal MEMS or external FOG/RLG IMUs
• Multiple GPS configurations available with both civilian and SAASM receivers

High Navigation Performances

• Centimeter level positioning with dual frequency RTK configuration
• 0.05° heading measurement accuracy both in low and high dynamic conditions (dependent on GPS baseline separation)
• High navigation output rate (Up to 125 Hz)

Easy to Integrate into Your System

• Low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)
• Several types of data interface: RS-232 and Ethernet
• BIT with log

Geo-hNAV is offered in several configurations designed to meet a wide range of navigation application requirements. Configurations are available for both commercial and military applications.


• Geo-pointing for onboard sensors for low dynamic platforms such as aerostats, boats, tanks
• Camera, EO/IR sensor stabilization
• Antenna pointing
• Weaponry pointing
• Vehicle testing in static and mobile conditions
• Hoovering UAS platforms

Geo-hNAV is offered in 2 configurations (tactical-RTK, and advanced) for both commercial GPS and military SAASM GPS.

Geo-hNAV configurations can be customized to satisfy the most demanding inertial navigation accuracy and performance requirements.