Military Solutions

    Designed for use in military application, these systems provide all-round MIL-STD shock & vibration compliant platform.


    Industrial Grade Rack Mount Servers Designed For A Wide Range Of Industrial Applications

    AdvancedTCA / VPX

    AdvancedTCA / VPX platforms significantly reduces over-all development costs & come with extended operating life-cycles.

    Substation (IEC61850)

    Substation approved industrial computers designed and tested to meet IEC61850 certification.

    Timing & Positioning

    Many Industries Require Precise Time & Frequency Synchronization For A Range Of Applications Including Networking.

    GNSS Simulators

    GPS/GNSS Simulators Are Scenario-based Instruments That Combine A Powerful & Feature-rich Platform For GPS Testing.

    Test & Measurement

    Accurate Test Equipment Is Critical For Connecting Components, Sensors & Subsystems, Particularly With Increasing Complex Electronics.

    Rugged Mobile Computing

    A selection of rugged laptops and tablets designed for use in harsh environments from our sister company Steatite Rugged Systems.

    Rugged Wireless Communications

    A selection of high bandwidth radio solutions from our sister company Steatite Rugged Systems.