What Is The VersaSync?
VersaSync is a high performance GPS master clock and network time server that delivers accurate, software configurable time and frequency signals under all circumstances, including GNSS-denied environments. Its compact size and high level of ruggedization make VersaSync suitable for mobile applications in harsh environments. Its small footprint allows for easy integration of the time and frequency functionality into systems architecture.

Backed by more than four decades of Spectracom’s timing solutions expertise, VersaSync includes all the timing functionality required in modern, network-centric applications:

•  NTP/PTP precise time transfer over Ethernet, including security protocols    that prevent network vulnerabilities

•  Low phase noise 10 MHz frequency distribution

•  Configurable pulse signals, including IRIG or HaveQuick timecodes

•  Serial link Time Of Day (ToD) messages

Perfect Fit for GPS-Denied Environments
VersaSync accommodates an OCXO or a CSAC oscillator, allowing the unit to maintain frequency and time accuracy for long periods of GPS/GNSS outage. In addition, it can be re-synchronized by an external reference.

Highly Reliable, Versatile, and Configurable Solution
VersaSync physical inputs and outputs are software configurable and can adapt to various application requirements. I/O pins can be configured as TTL, 10 V pulse, RS232, RS485. This allows VersaSync to provide a high number of outputs of the same type, while still fitting into a small form factor. However, if the combination of software configurable outputs is not enough, VersaSync can accommodate an option board (within the same form factor), designed to customer requirements to provide additional outputs of the same type or other type of interface (IRIG AM, 1553 bus, etc…).

Due to its high level of ruggedization, VersaSync provides exceptional intrinsic reliability. Strong status monitoring capability, either locally or remotely, allows quick fault diagnoses. Physical alarm (dry contact) and network alarms (SNMP traps) are raised in real time. An internal, exportable log can be accessed either locally or remotely. In addition to oscillator options (OCXO or CSAC), VersaSync is available with a C/A L1 GPS receiver or with an L1/L2 SAASM receiver. Pulse outputs are configurable through the User Interface. An extension slot is available to accommodate additional timing interfaces.

Custom Solutions Available
Steatite & Spectracom can customize the VersaSync to adapt to your specific requirements. Contact us to learn how we can efficiently design and validate a special configuration to match your needs on 01527 512 400 or email your enquiry to computers@steatite.co.uk