Test & Certification​

Dedicated to delivering quality solutions, Steatite employ meticulous testing protocols to ensure the reliability and performance of our products.

Our commitment to industry certification standards underscores our reputation as a trusted partner, providing assurance and excellence in every technological solution.


All of our embedded PCs are designed to meet CE EMC requirements, with a declaration of conformity available on request. We can also offer both pre-compliance and certified testing to military, marine, rail and medical EMC standards. More information regarding our EMC testing capability is available here.

Electrical Safety​

All of the power supplies used in our systems are fully certified, allowing us to self-certify our systems to CE. For official product safety certification, such as UL or TUV, in-house checks will be performed to maximise the chance of passing first time.

Shock & Vibration​

We can test our industrial PCs in-house to make sure they will survive the levels of shock and vibration that they are likely to be subjected to. If official certification is required to a particular standard, our in-house testing should ensure passing certification testing is a formality.


When designing an industrial computer system, proper consideration needs to be given to the ambient temperature of the environment that it will be used in, to ensure long-term reliability. We can perform in house temperature testing, and produce a report, that will give an operating temperature range for our systems when running at either full load, or at a load representative of how the system will actually be used in the field.

IP Rating & Salt Mist Testing​

For systems designed for use in outdoor, damp or dusty environments, such as Pelicase computers, ensuring that they are fully protected from water or dust ingress, and do not corrode prematurely, is vital. We can take care of pre-compliance testing, or take our systems through the full certification process.

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