AI & GPU Computing

AI & GPU Computing

Steatite’s edge AI systems, built with high-powered AI hardware, are designed for speed and efficiency. By harnessing powerful Nvidia CUDA accelerators (like Jetson, GeForce, Tesla, and Quadro) and Intel Movidius VPUs, we are able to deliver real-time visual inference results directly on your device, eliminating the need for high-bandwidth cloud connections.

Our AI systems are optimised for power efficiency, enabling near-instantaneous processing of AI models on local hardware. They come with a wide range of I/O options for easy device connectivity and effective data leverage for your specific needs.

Additionally, these systems are designed to withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, water, and dust, ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments.

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Jetson Systems

Jetson Carrier Boards

Rugged GPU Computers

Hailo Systems

GPU MXM Modules

Applications for AI & GPU Computing

Revolutionise Image & Video Recognition

AI and GPUs are a dream team for tasks involving visual data. From facial recognition for security systems to content moderation on social media platforms, AI algorithms trained on massive datasets can identify objects, faces, and activities with incredible accuracy.

GPUs accelerate the processing of these complex algorithms, enabling real-time applications like self-driving cars and automated video analysis

Powering the Future of Medical Diagnosis

AI is transforming healthcare by analysing medical images and assisting doctors with diagnoses. Algorithms trained on X-rays, CT scans, and other medical data can detect abnormalities with high precision, leading to earlier intervention and improved patient outcomes.

AI & GPU computing provides the horsepower needed to analyse vast amounts of medical data quickly and efficiently.

Enhancing Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI and GPUs are making significant strides in understanding human language. From chatbots such as ChatGPT & Gemini  that can answer your questions to machine translation tools that break down language barriers, NLP applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

GPUs accelerate the training of complex language models, allowing them to process and understand human language with greater nuance and accuracy.

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