Multifunction Operator Consoles

Steatite Integrated Systems, from our [purpose-designed facility] in Tewkesbury, specialise in the design, manufacture, and support of Operator Consoles for use in a variety of military applications.

We offer both the ground-up design of new Operator Consoles, while also being able to refresh the capabilities of existing Consoles via the design and integration of upgrade kits.

Primarily used on surface ships and submarines, Steatite supply Operator Consoles for use as part of a combat management system, integrated bridge system, communications system, or platform management system.

Single or multi-display, horizonal or vertical, sit-down or stand-up, with integrated touch or KVM, the configuration options available suit a wide range of applications and installation environments.

New Build

For new-build submarines and ships, a new Console design is often required to make the best use of the available space. Steatite can design Multifunction Consoles from the ground-up in a cost-efficient and timely manner, utilising COTS components wherever possible.

Optimising the design to minimise the space used is always a key consideration during the design phase, and with our access to a wealth of first party hardware, we may even be able to achieve the brief in a smaller and lighter package.

Tech Refresh

Most naval platforms have a decades-long service life, and the technology on these ships and boats needs to be refreshed periodically to ensure their capabilities remain current.

To help do this in a cost-effective manner, Steatite can design upgrade kits for existing Consoles that will reuse the current enclosure, therefore retaining the same “form” and “fit” while improving the “function”. The integration of these upgrade kits will be carried out at our dedicated facility in Tewkesbury.

A One-Stop Shop?

Steatite designs and manufactures hardware suitable for integration into Operator Consoles. This includes military-grade rack-mount PCs, fanless computers, and touchscreen PCs and monitors.

We also have direct relationships with manufacturers of networking hardware, time servers, power supplies, and other hardware that is often required to build an Operator Console, and we’re happy to integrate third party hardware too.

Support Services

The design and build of Multifunction Operator Consoles is only part of the story, as most military programs require significant support services.

This includes elements such as [Through-Life Support], [Human Factors], [Obsolescence Management], [Tech Pubs (Technical Publications)], all of which Steatite can help with.

Military Certifications

DEF STANs and MIL STDs for EMC, shock, vibration, temperature, electrical safety, and more, are very well known to Steatite, with decades of hands-on experience designing systems to meet these requirements.

Steatite has in-house facilities to carry out significant pre-compliance EMC, electrical safety, temperature, shock, and vibration testing on the hardware that we build, helping to reduce risk, and to save time and money.

We can build and test systems to meet TEMPEST requirements too.

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