Windows Integration​

Steatite meticulously integrates Windows into embedded computers by first assessing specific needs and functionalities. 

Skilled engineers collaborate with Windows integration specialists to devise a tailored integration plan, ensuring optimal system performance. 

Rigorous testing and configuration guarantees stability, delivering robust embedded computers fortified with Windows, empowering clients with efficient solutions.

Custom Image Build​

Our software team can fully customise Windows IoT and Windows Embedded operating systems to suit the specific requirements of your project, whether you are looking to ‘lock down’ certain Windows features to prevent unauthorised use of your system, want to brand Windows so that it doesn’t look like Windows, or want helping configuring advanced features like UWF (Unified Write Filter).

Image Capture & Deployment​

To simplify O/S installation and deployment, and to ensure that every system built is identical, we can capture a Windows image from a fully configured system and prepare it for deployment on to future system builds. This can include your software, user accounts and all Windows settings.

Update Management​

Once an image has been captured, ensuring that it is properly maintained and updated is vital. We can either automatically apply all available Windows updates during system build, or can inform you periodically of which updates are available so that you can test and approve them before having them added to your image.

Recovery Media Creation​

When utilising a Windows IoT or Windows Embedded O/S, you need to consider how that O/S build can be redeployed to systems in the field. Our team can create a bootable USB flash drive that can be used to reimage systems with your particular Windows build, with drives correctly formatted and partitioned, giving you a way to revert your systems to a factory fresh state.

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