Fanless Computers

Robust, reliable and powerful. Our large range of industrial fanless PCs can be configured to suit your specific requirements, and are designed to run 24/7 in harsh environments without any drop in performance. Take a look at our range of fanless computers below, or get in touch if you can’t find anything suitable for your application.

Atom / Celeron / Pentium

7 Products

Core i3 / i5 / i7 / i9​

10 Products

Xeon Fanless Servers

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GPU Fanless PCs

4 Products

IP Rated Fanless PC

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Fanless Computer Design

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Engineer check and control welding robotics automatic arms machine in intelligent factory automotive industrial with monitoring system software. Digital manufacturing operation. Industry 4.0

Industrial Automation

Fanless computers play a crucial role in Industrial Automation due to their robust design and enhanced reliability.

By eliminating the need for internal fans, they decrease the risk of component failure and minimise maintenance requirements.

Data Acquisition

In the realm of Data Acquisition, fanless computers serve as indispensable tools due to their stability and resilience in collecting, analysing, and processing diverse data streams.

By eliminating fan-related vulnerabilities, such as dust accumulation and mechanical failure, these systems offer heightened reliability, making them suitable for continuous and long-term data acquisition tasks.


Rail Transportation

Fanless computers are integral within the domain of rail transportation, offering a robust and reliable computing solution in challenging operational environments.

Their fanless design ensures resilience against dust, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations commonly experienced in locomotives, control centers, or onboard systems.

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