Rack Mount PCs

1U / 2U / 4U Rack Mount Computers

Steatite design and manufacture industrial 1U, 2U and 4U rack-mount computers for use in industrial, commercial and military applications where reliability, long-term availability and consistency are key. 

Our rack mount PCs offer exceptional performance and are available with a range of CPUs to best suit your application. Each system is built in house in the UK and can be customised to match your exact specifications. We only select high quality, long-life industrial components for our rack mount computers, ensuring continuous 24/7 operation in demanding environments, and availability for up to 15 years. 

Additionally, our in-house engineering team can design a rack-mount chassis to meet your technical and branding needs. Notably, our rack-mount PCs stand out for offering the most expansion slots in the smallest size, marking a significant advantage in expansion capabilities.

Take a look at some example rack-mount PCs below, or contact one of our team to learn more.

Check out our range of Rack-Mount PCs below

Atom / Celeron / Pentium
Rack Mount Computers

Core i3 / i5 / i7 / i9 Series
Rack-Mount Computers

Xeon​ / EPYC
Industrial Grade Servers

Custom Designed & Built
Rack Mount PCs

Applications for Rackmount Computers

Multimedia Processing

Rackmount PCs are compact, efficient, and versatile solutions for data centers and media production. Designed to fit standard 19-inch racks, they optimise space utilisation.

These systems scale easily by adding more rack units (U) as needed. Their centralised placement simplifies management, and they offer robust processing power for multimedia tasks.

AI & Cloud Computing

Cloud-based AI rackmount pcs tap into cloud platforms for training machine learning models, analysing big data, and executing complex AI tasks.

This synergy provides flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and accessibility while eliminating the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure.

Surveillance & Security

These systems encompass a wide array of solutions, from rack-mount computing for video surveillance and access control to intrusion detection and biometric recognition.

The integration of advanced sensors, cameras, and intelligent analytics empowers organisations to monitor and respond to security threats effectively.

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