Chassis Design & Customisation

Not every ‘off-the-shelf’ solution will align with your specific application. At Steatite, we understand that one size doesn’t suit all, especially when it comes to the overall system design, particularly in terms of enclosures.

At Steatite, our expertise in Chassis Design and Customisation is powered by advanced 3D modeling CAD software.

This allows us to meticulously tailor housings, precisely catering to the requirements of the central intelligence and interactivity vital to your product’s performance.

These customised housings are meticulously designed to perfectly house motherboards, integrated touch TFT displays, necessary cabling, and any other peripheral devices essential for your application. 

Our goal is to ensure an exact fit, feel, and practicality, addressing the unique requirements of your product.

Existing Chassis Modification

The majority of our systems and chassis can be modified to suit your specific requirements, whether you need additional I/O ports, an LCD display, removable drive bays or something else entirely, our engineering team will be happy to help. We can even design you a new chassis from the ground up.

Ground Up Design

Our UK mechanical engineering team can design a chassis from scratch to suit the requirements of your project. With many years of chassis design experience, and utilising advanced 3D modelling software, you can be confident in fast and accurate delivery of prototypes, along with a low MOQ when moving to production.


To make your system stand out from the crowd, and so it looks like more than just an off-the-shelf computer, we can fully brand our systems with your company colours and logo. Combine with a custom chassis design to create the perfect system just for you.

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