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Steatite offer a range of industrial grade Mini ITX motherboards supporting CPUs from intel Atom up to Core i9 and Xeon, along with AMD Ryzen.

Compact – Mini-ITX’s 17x17cm form factor is the smallest motherboard available that support’s standard ATX mounting.
Integrated – An embedded Mini-ITX board includes LAN, COM, USB, Display, M.2 or Mini PCIE, PCI or PCI Express.
Longevity – Our industrial Mini-ITX motherboards are available for between 5 and 15 years from launch.
Power – With support for ATX, 12VDC or wide DC power input, you’re sure to find a Mini ITX SBC to meet your needs.
Temperature – Wide temp Mini ITX boards available in standard 0-60°C, -20 to 70°C or -40 to 85°C versions.

You can find a small cross section of our industrial Mini-ITX boards below. If you can’t find a board that meets your requirements, or would just like to discuss options with one of the team, please email us or give us a call on 01527 512 400.

Storage Options
Expansion Options
Display Outputs
LAN Ports
USB Ports
Serial Ports
OS Support

Please note that final specs may depend on selections you make during the system configuration stage.

ASRock IMB-1235 Raptor Lake-P Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard

ASRock IMB-1005J Alder Lake-N Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard

ASRock IMB-1006J Alder Lake-N Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard

ASRock IMB-1231 Raptor/Alder Lake-S Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard


DFI RNO171 AMD® Ryzen™ V2000 Series Mini-ITX Motherboard

Can’t find what you need?

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