Military Grade Computing & PNT

Military-Grade Fanless PCs

Steatite design and supply a range of industrial computers that meet the certification requirements the are mandatory for certain industries, helping reduce cost, risk and time to market.

Fully certified – Certified computers have been fully approved to given industry standards by a recognised test house.
Compliant – Compliant PCs have been informally tested to particular standards, but are not fully certified.
Designed to meet – Industrial computers designed to meet particular standards help to reduce project risk.
Fast time to market – Industrial PCs designed to meet particular standards means you can launch you product sooner.
Reduced risk – A PC that has been tested to industry standards reduces the risk of certification failure significantly.
Lower cost – Both development costs and certification costs are reduced significantly by using an industry-specific PC.

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Please note that final specs may depend on selections you make during the system configuration stage.


Military Grade Convection Cooled Computer With 7th Gen Xeon CPU & Nvidia GPU


Military Grade Conduction Cooled Computer With 7th Gen Xeon CPU & Nvidia GPU


Military Grade Fanless Computer For System Control, Condition Monitoring & Data Acquisition


8th/9th Gen Low Magnetic Signature Fanless Industrial Computer

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