Military Grade Computing & PNT

Military Approved Computing & PNT

Steatite design and supply a range of industrial computers that meet the certification requirements the are mandatory for certain industries, helping reduce cost, risk and time to market.

Fully certified – Certified computers have been fully approved to given industry standards by a recognised test house.
Compliant – Compliant PCs have been informally tested to particular standards, but are not fully certified.
Designed to meet – Industrial computers designed to meet particular standards help to reduce project risk.
Fast time to market – Industrial PCs designed to meet particular standards means you can launch you product sooner.
Reduced risk – A PC that has been tested to industry standards reduces the risk of certification failure significantly.
Lower cost – Both development costs and certification costs are reduced significantly by using an industry-specific PC.

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Check out our range of Military Grade Computing & PNT solutions below

Military-Grade Fanless PCs

Custom Design & Built Fanless Computers

Rackmount Military Servers

GNSS & Inertial Positioning

Wide Temperature Processing

GPS/GNSS Simulators

Resilient Timing Systems

Rugged Laptops

Rugged Tablets

Military KVM

TEMPEST Solutions

Applications for Military Grade Computing & PNT


Military organisations heavily rely on secure computing systems to protect classified information and maintain operational integrity. 

Military-grade computing solutions incorporate robust security features and encryption protocols to safeguard data.

C4ISR Systems

Military-grade computing is vital for C4ISR systems, enabling real-time data processing, communication, and decision-making on the battlefield. 

These systems gather intelligence from various sensors, including radars, drones, and satellites, and process the information for military commanders.

Unmanned Vehicles

PNT technology is essential for UVs, providing accurate positioning and navigation capabilities. 

This enables precise targeting and the ability to carry out missions in GPS-denied environments.

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