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Rail Certified Monitors

EN50155 certified fanless computers and rail-approved Panel PCs and monitors for use in on-train applications, such as driver display, CCTV, passenger information or people counting.

Reliable – High quality components and thorough testing ensure many years of reliable operation for our EN50155 PCs.
Longevity – Our EN50155 computers will be in production for at least 5 years and up to 15 years from launch.
Certified – EN50155 certified PCs are independently tested and approved for installation straight onto a train.
Compliant – EN50155 compliant PCs have been tested by the manufacturer, but not yet officially certified.
Cost effective – Selecting an EN50155 computer removes the risks and costs associated with type testing.

Below is a selection of our EN50155 Panel PCs and rail-approved fanless computers. Our engineering and product qualification colleagues will be happy to answer any questions you may have – please get in touch

Screen Size
Display Outputs

Please note that final specs may depend on selections you make during the system configuration stage.

10.4″ XGA Railway Touchscreen Monitor For Driver Information & Control

18.5” Full HD Open Frame Railway Monitor For Passenger Information System (PIS)

12.1″ XGA Railway Touchscreen Monitor For Driver Information & Control

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