Total System Design & Build

At Steatite, our experienced engineers and technicians handle the total system design and build, working within our ISO Certified facility. 

Each computer undergoes thorough assembly and testing using our proprietary software conducts extensive burn-in testing to ensure that your computer aligns with our exceptionally high standards before it’s shipped.

Custom System Configuration

All of our systems can be configured to meet your exact requirements, meaning you only pay for the features that you need and don’t have to settle for whatever configuration happens to be available. With the option to specify memory, CPU, storage, I/O, expansion, operating system, and more, we can build you the most suitable system for your application.

BIOS Defaults & Branding

Having a BIOS customised with your specific settings ‘hard coded’ helps to maximise the reliability of your system – no more support calls from customers who have a non-working system because they have taken it upon themselves to ’reset BIOS defaults’. A branded POST screen looks great on boot too.

Windows Image Build & Deployment​

A great way to ensure that every system operates in an identical way is to have a customised Windows image created that is pre-configured with your software and settings. This image will then be installed on every system that we deliver, saving time at your end.

Full System Design​

For more complicated or unusual requirements, we can design an industrial computer from the ground up. Everything from metalwork, cable looms, electronics and software can be engineered at Steatite to meet your specific needs. With decades of engineering experience, you can be confident that the design, prototyping and production process will be efficient, cost effective and fit-for-purpose.

Rack Cabinet Integration​

Steatite can take 3rd party hardware, along with our own industrial computers and timing systems, and design and build a fully integrated and tested rack cabinet, ready for deployment into the field.

Project Management​

A more complex project requires proper management to ensure that it is delivered on time and on budget. Our PRINCE2 qualified project management team have years of experience delivering solutions for a range of industries and will keep you informed of progress every step of the way.

Demo Systems Available​

We have a large selection of demo systems available for loan that you can use to test with your software and in your specific application before committing to purchase, reducing your risk and potentially saving money.

3rd Party Hardware Integration​

If you have specific I/O cards or custom electronics that need to be integrated with one of our industrial PCs, we can perform the integration in house at Steatite and fully test the end solution using your exact test processes.

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