UK Technical Support​

Steatite sets the standard for unparalleled UK technical support in the UK. Our dedicated team is committed to providing expert assistance, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance for our clients.

With a focus on responsive and personalised service, Steatite’s UK Technical Support is poised to address and resolve challenges promptly, solidifying our reputation as a reliable partner in technology solutions.


If you need help getting your industrial computer to work as required, whether you just need pin-out specs, or something more challenging, our knowledgeable UK technical support and engineering teams will be happy to help.

Third Party Integration​

If you’re struggling to get 3rd party hardware or software to work with one of our systems, our experienced support team can help to identify the cause of the problem, and then suggest a solution.

Windows Configuration

Our Windows development team can help with Windows configuration, update management and O/S customisation, while also being able to capture an image for deployment or creation of customer-ready recovery media.

UK Repair Centre​

In the unlikely event that one of our systems develops a fault, our UK-based technical support team will be able to quickly investigate the cause of the fault and perform any remedial action.

Our Other Services

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