Artificial Intelligence​

Steatite’s Artificial Intelligence​ (AI) insights cover the forefront of technology, exploring machine learning, neural networks, and more.

Our expertise assists businesses in integrating Artificial Intelligence​, tailoring solutions to optimise operations and decision-making.

Through advanced algorithms and predictive analytics, we empower companies to leverage AI, staying ahead in today’s dynamic market.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

What is it? Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) refers to the application of advanced technology to manage aspects of traffic and transportation in order to create…

Jetson – Your questions answered.

Understanding and following the steps required to move from an Nvidia Jetson development kit to a reliable AI system can help to maximise the chances…

Edge AI computing from Steatite

Edge AI is when your results are calculated on or near the device (such as a camera) that captures the data you are analysing, either…

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At Steatite, we are often asked what the difference is between a consumer-grade SSD and the industrial SSDs that we specify as standard. This article…

Industrial Grade RAM vs Consumer Grade RAM

At Steatite, we use industrial memory modules as standard in all of our systems to maximise reliability and simplify product testing and approvals. Here we…

Electronic component shortages and the impact

The world is currently facing an increasing shortage of many key electronic components. This is having an impact on supply and pricing and inevitably the…

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