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Edge AI is when your results are calculated on or near the device (such as a camera) that captures the data you are analysing, either because you need answers in real-time, or because sending data to the cloud for analysis will be too costly.

For instance, an autonomous delivery robot relies on edge AI for instant safety responses due to numerous sensors generating extensive data, unsuitable for cloud analysis.

Common applications for Edge AI


Fruit and vegetable picking robots.
Automated weeding robots.
Individual animal identification and monitoring.
Fruit/veg quality grading and sorting.


Pick and pack automated robots.
Last mile delivery robots.
Package sorting and routing.


Object and threat detection.
Facial recognition.
People counting.
Mask detection and social distancing.
Number plate recognition.

How to bring an Edge AI solution to market

Development kits for edge AI testing aren’t ideal for actual deployment environments.

Purpose-built industrial-grade AI systems based on Nvidia Jetson, Intel Movidius, or a high-end GPGPU, will be more appropriate and will offer more reliable long-term operation.

Our edge AI systems are designed for use in environments where shock, vibration, or extreme temperatures can be a problem, and will run 24/7 for many years.

Edge AI platforms

Nvidia Jetson

Rugged, compact, and power efficient edge AI systems utilising Nvidia Jetson accelerator modules for high performance and scalable edge AI solutions.

Intel Movidius

With both Windows and Linux support, along with compatibility with both x86 and ARM hosts, Intel Movidius is a flexible way to add AI capability to your solution.


For demanding AI tasks like autonomous driving, pairing an industrial computer with a powerful GPU provides the necessary capabilities for real-time performance.

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