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Understanding and following the steps required to move from an Nvidia Jetson development kit to a reliable AI system can help to maximise the chances of a successful AI deployment.

Can’t I just use dev kits for production?

Apparently not – Nvidia probably answer this one better than we can here. Simply speaking, the dev kits are just not designed or guaranteed for use in production systems, and, according to Nvidia, may not be available to purchase in production quantities either.

OK, so what options do I have for creating a deployable Jetson-based solution?

If your requirements are fairly straightforward, one of our ready-made Jetson baseboards or Jetson systems may be all you need.

They are designed to operate reliably in a variety of applications, including those where they may be subjected to shock/vibration, extreme temperatures, dust or moisture. Some will also offer I/O that is not available on a standard Jetson dev-kit.

If one of the off-the-shelf solutions doesn’t meet your needs, then a custom baseboard and/or enclosure may be required.

I think I need a custom Jetson baseboard – what now?

Firstly, speak to us, as we may have some ideas that will allow you to use an off-the-shelf solution and save some time and development cost. If it turns out that a custom baseboard is definitely required, perhaps because you need some additional electronics, or have specific I/O or environmental requirements, then we can help. Our experienced engineering team will speak with you to fully understand your requirements, and will aim to offer the most efficient solution to meet them.

Can you design a system based on a COTS Jetson baseboard?

Yes, absolutely. Get in touch and we’ll run through the options available to you.

What else should I consider when deploying a Jetson solution?

As with any hardware, ensuring it works reliably in the application and environment where it will be used is key – nobody wants to spend all of their supporting a poorly designed system. Making sure the system is protected from external factors that could cause it damage is vital. Things like adequate cooling (or perhaps heating), protection from electrical interference, or shock and vibration, need to be considered early in the design phase. Finally, any system should prototyped and fully tested before being deployed. Most customers don’t want to be the guinea pig!

How about product certification and safety testing?

As a minimum, your solution is likely to require CE marking, or similar, to be sold legally in most major markets worldwide. Some industries may require additional certification, such as EN50155 for rail, or eMark for road-vehicle applications. Our engineering team have successfully designed solutions to meet all major safety, electrical and environmental standards, so we’ll take care of that too.

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Steatite can design and manufacture a reliable Jetson based system and take care of all certification requirements, so you can focus on doing what you do best – creating great AI solutions for your customers. Give us a call on 01527 512400 to discuss your requirements in more detail or email us at

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