NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX 8GB Edge AI Computer (2x I2 C, 2x SPI, 1x UART, 8x GPIO).


Introducing the DLAP-211-Orin Series, an exceptional edge AI inference platform designed to deliver unparalleled high-performance computing capabilities. This highly adaptable solution caters to the demands of various industrial IoT applications, including smart cities, smart tourism initiatives, public and road safety, automated optical inspection, machine vision inspection, agriculture and aquaculture management, retail, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and more. Powered by the Jetson Orin™ System-on-Module (SoM), the DLAP-211-Orin Series combines a highly optimized compute engine, a multi-instance GPU, and a dedicated deep-learning accelerator. The device impresses with its compact size, expandability, dependability, and up to 8 times greater AI performance compared to its predecessors. It offers hardware acceleration for deep learning, advanced safety and security features, and support for multiple sensors and cameras. With its exceptional feature set, the DLAP-211-Orin Series enables developers to build advanced AI-powered edge solutions with a strong emphasis on performance, flexibility, safety, and security. This makes it the ideal choice for cutting-edge edge computing applications that require top-notch technology.

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