Rackmount PCs

Industrial grade 1U, 2U and 4U computers designed by Steatite and assembled in the UK. High performance, long life and designed for 24/7 operation.

Fanless PCs

Rugged embedded computers offering configurable I/O, high shock and vibration tolerance and wide temperature operation.

Panel PCs & Monitors

Touchscreen computers and monitors for industrial, medical, and commercial applications. Offering high performance, flexibility, and long-term supply

New Products

12th Gen High Performance Fanless Embedded Computer With 2 x PCI / PCIe Expansion Slots

From £1,742.00 Ex VAT

12th Gen High Performance Fanless Embedded Computer With 1 x PCI / PCIe Expansion Slot

From £1,718.00 Ex VAT

12th Gen High Performance Fanless Embedded Computer with Modular Expansion

From £1,681.00 Ex VAT

Our Insights

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About Steatite

Steatite is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial and military-grade embedded computers. We specialise in creating robust systems, including fanless embedded PCs, rack-mount computers, and touchscreen panel PCs.

These cutting-edge embedded computers find applications across diverse industries such as military, medical, rail, marine, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and manufacturing.

We prioritise high-reliability and long-term supply, ensuring our embedded PCs perform flawlessly even in demanding environments. Whether you need COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) solutions, modified COTS (COTS+), or fully bespoke embedded computer designs, our UK-based engineering and production expertise delivers.

We excel at meeting stringent requirements for our embedded computers including shock resistance, vibration tolerance, temperature extremes, EMC compliance, and electrical safety standards.

This ensures our industrial embedded computers are highly reliable for use in harsh environments, where failure is not an option.

Check out Steatite's other product areas

Steatite Batteries Icon


A specialist supplier of custom built lithium battery packs, COTS battery modules, portable power and energy storage systems for industrial, energy, autonomous and defence applications.

Steatite Communications Icon


As the sole UK re-seller of Wave Relay products, Steatite leads the way in cutting-edge radio communications for defence, security, and autonomous vehicle (AUV) applications.

Steatite Antennas Icon


Developer and manufacturer of high-performance RF antennas between the frequencies of 30MHz to 60GHz for a range of applications including EW, SIGINT, ESM, EMC and more.

Steatite Imaging Icon


We provide cameras and camera electronics for image data transmission, frame grabbers for data acquisition and embedded systems for image processing and machine control.

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